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A Shoestring Media Guide to Promoting Your ICN Event

Prior to the event: Take an outline news releases from the K-12 Connections Web site and fill in the information according to local plans and objectives. Put copies on school letterhead and send them along with an invitation to attend the event to the feature or education reporter at the local newspaper. Also send a release and invitation to the news director of the closest radio and television station. Have students create the invitations.

The information included in the press release should only be 2-3 paragraphs at most. Each paragraph should be double-spaced with no more than three sentences. Keep examples or information simple and avoid educational terminology. Emphasize benefits the event provides and how it adds value to the coursework.

┬ĘDuring or after the event: Assign a student to act as reporter and cover the event for your class. Have them submit the approved work to the local media for publication.

┬ĘBe prepared for any media representatives who accept your invitation by having information ready about the event and the ICN classroom. Explain what value the event is adding to the learning process. Let students demonstrate any ICN projects and related activities. Show how you are integrating educational technology into the curriculum. Be sure teachers, administrators and students are accessible for interviews and comments.

Add the identified media representatives to mailing lists for school information. Include a story about the event and related activities in the student newspaper and in regular district-wide communication to parents and community members.



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