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Being a Responsible Pet Guardian:
Extension Activities

1. Tally and graph the number and types of pets cared for by students in the class. (Use the computer to figure percentages of each, construct a pie chart or graph the results.)
2. Chart the cost of caring for a particular type of pet. (Figure the average cost per month, week, day.)
3. Compare and contrast the qualities of two different pets in a Venn diagram.
4. Construct your favorite pet with origami paper. (Japanese paper folding.)

1. Construct a skeleton of a favorite pet out of construction materials. (Compare and contrast it with a partner's.)
2. Classify a favorite pet - family, genus, etc.
3. Research common pet diseases and their treatment, cause and prevention.

Social Studies
1. Research the history of a favorite pet - country of origin, climate, latitude and longitude of the country.
2. Research famous people and their pets.
3. Investigate how pets have benefited people throughout history - seeing-eye dogs, dogsleds, etc.
4. Research famous pets throughout history - presidential pets, etc.
5. Investigate the most common pets in different parts of the world - hypothesize about the reasons for the differences.
6. Trace the history of pets in ancient Egypt, Rome or Asia - compare their customs and treatment of their pets to modern day.

1. Create or read pet poetry - read it aloud in class or to younger students.
2. Challenge students to read a pet book from all of the different genres - hold a reading contest relating to the challenge.
3. Teacher read aloud pet poetry or books.

1. Describe a favorite pet using sensory details without actually telling the reader the name of the pet.
2. Write a letter to the pet owner from the pet's point of view.
3. Compare and contrast two different pets.
4. Write a persuasive paper to convince parents to get a pet for the family.
5. Write a poem of a favorite pet.
6. Write a letter to the editor supporting pet care.
7. Describe the qualities of a good pet owner - contrast the qualities with those of a bad pet owner.
8. Write and illustrate a children's book - ABC, counting book or comic strip - dealing with responsible pet ownership and care. Share the books at parents' night or with younger students.

Extension Activities
1. Volunteer to work in an animal shelter - journal about the experience.
2. Hold a canned pet food drive to benefit a local shelter.
3. Volunteer to walk or care for a neighbor's pet.
4. Interview a veterinarian or animal shelter employee about his/her job for the school newspaper.
5. Share what you have learned with your younger students. (Skit puppet show, etc.)
6. Bring a photo of a favorite pet, or a dream pet, for a class bulletin board.
7. Create paper bag puppets of crazy pets - a dog with feathers, a fish with a cat's tail, etc.
8. Describe the qualities of a responsible pet guardian - contrast the qualities of an unresponsible pet guardian.

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