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Indian Heritage

The following guidelines and resources will help you prepare for this event.

What to Expect:

  • Information about the history and customs of many Native American Indian tribes.
  • Students learning about the dangers of prejudice and the valuable tools found in diversity.
  • Discussion of tribal dancing, along with illustrations of tribal singing and artifacts.
  • Students sharing information and interacting with the presenter.
  • Enhancements to the social studies classroom curriculum.

In rotation, students will be called on to ask and answer questions related to the material presented. You may find it helpful to read the books Ralph Moisa has written, Great Eagle and Small One, and Little Fish. Students can also send Ralph questions through his email address: redtale1@juno.com

These sessions are most successful when students are prepared to participate. It is very important to have students prepare questions and discuss appropriate behavior prior to the ICN session. Teachers play a vital role in facilitating these sessions; therefore, we ask that you remain with your students during the entire session.

Extension Activities:


  1. Create a scale model of an Indian tepee. Discuss the shape of the tepee and the benefits of the tripod design compared to a square-shaped home.
  2. Use a Venn diagram to compare and contrast points presented by Mr. Moisa (traditional Indian dress vs. typical American dress, reservation life vs. city life, family structures, etc.).
  3. Hold a bartering session, or use beads as currency.
  4. Calculate the distance from your school to Tucson, Arizona (home of the Jaqui Indian tribe). Figure the driving time required to reach this destination by car.


  1. Research various topics dealing with eagles.
  2. Explore issues involving endangered or protected species.
  3. Discuss why Mr. Moisa has to carry a government permit allowing him to possess eagle feathers.

Social Studies

  1. Research information regarding the Jaqui Nation.
  2. Chart, on a map, where most of the Indian reservations are located today. Discuss the events that led to the creation of such reservations.
  3. Create your own medicine bags. Bring items from home which hold special meaning for you. Write a description of each item you place in the bag. Explain why it is sacred to you.
  4. Vocabulary to discuss: stereotype, culture shock, reservation, elder, sacred, nation, tribe, clan.


  1. Explore other Native American stories and legends.
  2. Read aloud from Mr. Moisa's books.
  3. Compare Native American legends and folklore with those from other cultures (e.g. Greek, Roman). Explore folklore or oral traditions from your own family heritage.


  1. Journal about the similarities and differences between Indian culture (as described by Mr. Moisa) and your own.
  2. Describe how your views about Native Americans have changed since meeting Mr. Moisa.
  3. Create your own Native American folktale or legend.

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