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Upcoming Professional Development Opportunities
~ Behavior Intervention Planning and Augmentative Assessments for Challenging Behavior, 2014
~ Framework for Effective Instruction: 2013-2014
~ Mandatory Reporter Training for Suspected Child and Dependent Adult Abuse

Upcoming K-12 Opportunities
~ Arthur Goes to Camp
~ Arthur's Birthday Party
~ Career Exploration: Civil (Environmental) Engineer
~ Iowa’s Ice Age and Finding Bones in Iowa
~ Pond Life
~ Sing a Song of Science
~ Stories & More: Food
~ Zoo Friends: Marvelous Mammals


IPTV and the ICN are looking forward to working together via PBS LearningMedia to support enhanced educational opportunities for educators and students in Iowa. As technology has evolved the ICN is transitioning its involvement with K-12 Connections to supporting online curriculum opportunities (PBS LearningMedia) via the partnership with IPTV.
Connections to Science Videos
  • Reflections on Light Connections to Science

    Kristen Constant provides students with ways they can experiment at home or school with light with only a flashlight and everyday materials. She explains that they can think like an engineer when they use problem solving. This video is targeted at students in grades 3-5.

  • Environmental Testing Connections to Science

    Engineer, Martha Garcia-Wegener, introduces her role in as an engineer in an environmental effects testing lab. This video is targeted at students in grades 6-8.

  • Engineer Design Process Connections to Science

    The role she plays in designing new components for avionic equipment. This video is targeted at students in grades 6-8.

  • Geology Connections to Science (Full Program)

    Author and naturalist, Cindy Blobaum, teaches students about geology and minerals through a demonstration using cookies. This video is targeted at students in grades 3-6.

  • Tree Identification Connections to Science

    Naturalist, Heidi Anderson, teaches students about her job as a naturalist, what taxonomy is, and how to use a use a dichotomous tree key to identify a deciduous and conifer tree. This video is targeted at students in grades 6-8.

Connections with Japan Videos
  • Connections with Japan: Sushi

    Sachiko Murphy explains types of sushi, it's origins, and it's cultural connections. Then she shows her student, Carin, how to make sushi, discusses the ingredients involved, and explains the Japanese idiom "packed like sushi."

  • Connections with Japan: Sumou

    Sachiko Murphy covers aspects of sumou wrestling, sumou's cultural significance, and how matches are conducted. Then she shows two students how to make origami sumou wrestlers, name their wrestlers and carry out a match.

  • Connections with Japan: Manga

    Sachiko Murphy talks about the art of manga, its history, and styles of manga animation.

  • Connections with Japan: Kabuki

    Sachiko Murphy talks about the history of kabuki theater, then two of her students prepare for a kabuki performance. Sachiko Murphy also demonstrates how to dress someone in a kimono and shows examples of kabuki theater.

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